am makin an animation for a college project, so i decided to do 1 bout metallica, so does anyone know where i can get a good pic of james? it has to have a a clear view of his whole body so i can make his arms move lol, so if anyone knows any could u plz post a link to it? cheers
You should go back to High School and learn to write. Animation with arms moving? Will it look like a Jib-Jab thing? That is not a real amimation project for college. I would give you an F if you turned in dumb thing like that.
il type how i want, and it doesnt matter wot my animations gonna be like, all i asked was if anyone knew bout good pics, my animation will pass, as long as i can make things move, its not an animation course am on so i dont really give a dam wot its like.
...too easy of a target. The boards are good for a laugh. Except for the "sticky" posts, 95% of the posts are totally useless.