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Okay, so I've started playin guitar when I managed to pick up a new fender showmaster from my mate for £70 (although I already had a fender strat,but hadn't been playin it). Anyway, I've been playin about 2 months now and I've been using tuition material on the internet as well as using a DVD I bought 'Getting Started on Electric Guitar with Keith Wyatt', plus my mate whoose been playing for 2 years has been teaching me a few things.

Although, I do feel like I'm making progress I'm not sure wheter its worth getting lessons from a music tutor or not. My mate says its a waste as anything a music teacher would teach me can be found on the internet or using DVDs or his help. But I just wanted to know through all your experience which is the best way to go self-teaching or getting a music tutor?
I say if you got the cash, go to the music tutor. You are correct in the fact that everything you need to know about playing guitar is on the internet, but I found that the speed of learning is much quicker when taking lessons, especially if you've only been playing for 2 months.

A decent music teacher will be able to see what parts of your guitar game is lacking and help you correct it before it becomes a problem. Whereas learning via the internet, you have to naturally improve your technique through more and more playing...which takes more time.
i have the exact same dvd as you and have been playing a year. The thing i like about the dvd is the tracks to practice along whil playing chords. Seems like good practice.

however after a year of that and trying to play song from tab, i got a teacher. So much easier and for the extra cash totaly worth it to me. Actually learning how to play songs, which is more fun and its easier to decipher the best way to play them.

I havent really gotten into the scales part of the dvd, just because i have been so bored with it.

How do you like that dvd, what can you do because of it. I find it helped me learn to move between all the open chords, but thats about it.

teacher teacher teachr

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Quote by boyd98

How do you like that dvd, what can you do because of it. I find it helped me learn to move between all the open chords, but thats about it.

Yeah pretty much the same, after that part it starts to get a bit boring reli, I have started to look at the scales stuff but its the same practice tracks
it is a good DVD though
Get lessons from a teacher or someone.

I started out saying I could teach myself, but I got pissed and ran into troubles, so I took lessons. Now in about 2 sessions I have learned more then the 4 months I tried learning by myself.

It's really just up to you.
get a teacher. its worth it. i had been doin the same thing and was doin alright but ater i got started with a teacher, him and i were learning songs in one session and my skills have really improved.