Poll: Where's your frequency treshold?
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View poll results: Where's your frequency treshold?
12,000 Hertz or lower
1 1%
13,000 Hertz
1 1%
14,000 Hertz
2 2%
15,000 Hertz
1 1%
16,000 Hertz
5 5%
17,000 Hertz
15 16%
18,000 Hertz
18 19%
19,000 Hertz
12 13%
20,000 Hertz
15 16%
21,000 Hertz or higher
24 26%
Voters: 94.
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I thought this site was quite interesting, especially for us, guitarists,
al those rehearsals, gigs and shows aren't good for our ears,
so here you can test where your frequency treshold is.
Mine's at 17,000 Hertz

Test here
it uses different file types after 20,000 and you can hear them easier. i couldnt hear the 20,000 but heard the rest up to 25,000. flawed
None above 20,000 were working for me (the quicktime I'm not so stupid as to not realise I can't hear it any more lol) but I could still hear that.

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that sucks
i can hear ALL of them, except 20,000

lol, you have blind spots in your hearing
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it uses different file types after 20,000 and you can hear them easier. i couldnt hear the 20,000 but heard the rest up to 25,000. flawed

17,OOO Hertz. I can't hear anything above that. This has a lot to do with the age you are. I'm almost 19 and the older you get the less you can hear. There was a whole debate about it on UG when the "silent" ringtone came out.

Quote by Wikipedia

Humans can generally hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (the audio range) although this range varies significantly with age, occupational hearing damage, and gender; the majority of people can no longer hear 20,000 Hz by the time they are teenagers, and progressively lose the ability to hear higher frequencies as they get older. Most human speech communication takes place between 200 and 8,000 Hz and the human ear is most sensitive to frequencies around 1000-3,500 Hz. Sound above the hearing range is known as ultrasound, and that below the hearing range as infrasound.

EDIT: Geeze...I hear absolutely nothing on 18,000 Hertz or over. It seems unreal to me that some kids can hear at that frequency!
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I'm 15 and I'm out at 18000. Is this bad? We did the same test in a physics class and me an the guitarist were the first to say we couldnt hear it by like 2000 hz. We didnt know the frequency though and now i know.
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19,000 is the highest for me
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18,000 and im 16. I already know my hearings pretty poor, im not doing my ears any favours usually either.
Damn 17,000.

I'm only 16.
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17.000 and Im 14.

I did better then expected, because when one of my friends has that Mosquito sound, everyone gets pissed off apart from me, cuz I cant hear it.
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I can hear 20,000 nothing higher. I'm only 16 as well, my poor ears. Though I will never need to hear anything that high pitched anyway.

Also this test isn't exactly perfect. You might have different results if you use different speakers, I doubt normal home speaker systems can produce perfect frequencies.
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heh 14000hz badbadbad, i feel old.

I feel better about my own ability to hear 16,000hz now.

25,000hz seriously pissed off my cat.
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All you hearing 25k must be nine years old lol. I can only hear the upto (including)18k (im 16).
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I'm out after 19000

I'm 18 by the way.

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This probably isn't the best time for me to measure - I've just come out of my room after blasting Megadeth at full volume.

But anyway, the last I could hear was 20,000. 17 years old.
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I guess 20,000 is my computer's threshold because it won't play anything higher. I get a broken video icon thing. But I can hear 20,000 pretty easily.
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19,000 highest.
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that test is definitely flawed.

i know i shouldnt be able to hear 20,000, but i can. we did the same test in my physics class last year, and i was somewhere around 18,000.
i dont know why, but the 20khz seemed alot clearer then 19, and 21 khz wasent even there at all.

Well seeing that the frequqency responce of a high quality condensor microphone only goes up to 20 khz, im happy

(19 by the way)
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18 000Hz at 15.

edit: wait, 19k...
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