This is the first song i've ever written with vocals.

I recorded it live, guitar and vocals together.

I understand that the lyrics are hard to make out, especially as I ran out of breath on one of the verses (!), i'll re-record it soon, just want to get a response from people on my songwriting.

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amazing john mayer in the making!!!!

can u plz send me the tab of Heartbeats. nice tune
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wow love the acoustic very beautiful and the vocals r really good for recording while playin guitar and singin, i could kinda understand the lyrics and they were pretty good. went with the song well.i would like to hear more from u, keep it up

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I like this song a lot. The vocals sound cool with that kind of natural reverb. Very mellow and relaxing. This song relaxes me which is always good. I listened to your other songs, too, and the all sound good. I like the ocean one. The guitar part on that is very cool. If you added electric guitar echoey/delayed/ambient leads in your songs it might sound really cool. Just really, really background with spacey effects and tons of reverb so they sound really far awayish. I like all your songs, though. Check mine out, too. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
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can u plz send me the tab of Heartbeats. nice tune

Heartbeats is not by me, it's buy an artist called Jose Gonzalez, a band called the Knife originally wrote it.

Thanks everyone for your comments, they're really warming. I'll get round to critting yours when i'm back home

Awesome guitar work, good voice. And good coordination - singing and playing at the same time is near impossible, at least to me :-D

There is some fret-buzz but that's probably hard to get rid off. Keep 'em coming!