I've narrowed my search for an acoustic down to two acoustics. Both are Ovations, and there are just a few subtle differences.

Celebrity SE Deluxe CSE44

CS347FKOA Koa top

So the both have the same preamp, and they're both mid-depth bowl. Apart from those differences (and the price), they're completely different though. I'm looking for a sound similar to Kaki King on her Everybody Loves You album, and I know she used an Ovation, so I decided these would eb the best guitars. The Koa top gutiars uses an Ovation Slimline pickup, and the Celebrity uses a OCP1K pickup. I will be playing mostly unplugged, but I do plan to play several concerts in the future, so what are the major differences between these pickups? Also there is the issue of koa vs. spruce. I'm sure spruce would give me a bright crisp tone (correct me if I'm wrong, please) and I think koa has a deeper, more midrangey tone. I'm not sure which sound I would like better, the crisp top end or the mid range bite. That brings me to my next dilemma, the koa top only has a rosette on the bass side. I would think that with a denser, deeper toned wood they should add a rosette on the treble side also so as to counter an overly-bassy sound. Right now I'm drawn to the koa top guitar, but I'm seeing the Celebrity as the better choice. If anyone who has experience with either of these guitars could help me out I would be forever indebted to them.
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The CSE44 is a much better guitar. It's got a solid top which makes all the difference in the world.

The CS347FKOA has a laminated top. It's sad that Ovation is willing to cut down such a rare tree to make a plywood top for a guitar. If you are going to use such a rare wood why not get some of the tonal benifits?
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^Thank you. I never noticed that the koa guitar had a laminate top. I've definitely made my decision now, I'll be getting the solid top Celebrity. Thanks again.