Real n00b question but..

can anyone tell me the difference between over drive and distortion ( a sample would be nice!)

and should i buy a DM100 (DIST) OR an OD100 (OVERDRIVE) BOth of em are Behringer
( yes i know they are cheap but i just need really cheap pedal!)


Oh.. and by the way i play Metallica and Nirvana Sorta Stuff!

Cheers again!
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I'm not a really expert on this, but I'll try to explain alittle.

I have a BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal and it basically gives your guitar the rock/medal sound and the sound is more strungout and you can hear it longer. Thats a really bad way to explain, sorry.

Overdrives basically give you an extra boost for solos and stuff.

The BOSS website has some samples, I'll post it when I find it.



Go up to Interative and click on one of those and there is sound samples and stuff.
get a DigiTech RP80

its pretty good, has 80 effects, has a petal, good beginer effects petal....has quite a few nirvana/metallica effects

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