hey we need a new drumer 4 r bandwe want some1 with guts. we need a vocallist 2 with powerful vocals that can sing hard rock/meatal. we are a hard rock/ meatal band. we don't have alot of songs beacause its just me and 2 other guys. we r epic .reaspond we beg of you.

I can drum, where r u located?
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yeah dude finding people suck, cause me and my buddy have been jamming for a year or so, and we live in a small town, its hard to find good vocals and drummers. i usually intergate my friends, "can you sing?" good luck
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Asking us wont do much good. We are situated all over the world. So just ask around, and try to get people to pick up instruments. And you can sing if you cant find one.
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wrong forum.
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