lmao i love this guy, he took a fridge all around ireland for a bet (funny book)
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hi tony, i wear a thong to sk8 sometimes.. do you think it'll make me better? i'm ate years old. can you teach me a backflip? do you get lots of woman? i saw a boobie once. maybe we can sk8 sometimes, you could kinda show me the ways of being a man, and what to do with my manly.. my momy says i'll find out one day

bye, you're biggest fan in the whole world

shane st
I'm no angel but I have standards. And one of them is not showing 'ate' year olds the ways of being a man, and what to do with their manlys. Sorry.

Talk to Erowid

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i love the way he signed the one from the french person as Thierry Henry
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Looks like you had a big bowl of Downs Syndrome for breakfast.

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lol... some of them are pretty good.

"Hi I'am sarah
I have been skating for about a year and the boys at the skate park think i am stupid and think i should be doing dancing or something what do you think?"

I think they're right.
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