hey guys, I was just wandering if the same thing happens to you too.

Do you ever find a tone that you really like and sounds great to you one day, and then you use the exact same settings some other day and it sounds like crap?

Some days I feel like no matter what i do my tone sounds terrible, and other days its amazing.

I think it might have to do with what kinda mood im in that day but i dont know...
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That happens sometimes to me, but with rhythms. They sound great one day and the next day it's just a mediocre beat...

And I spend a good deal of time figuring out the time signature, too.
it happens to me sometimes too, i am baffled by why
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Aye, I get that sometimes. Not too often thankfully.
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It happens to me with my guitar sounding like it's out of tune when it's tuned perfect. It pisses me off cause everything i play sounds off, then it sounds great the next day.
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