You can get better guitars for those prices. Like a nice alvarez or something.
With low end Martins you are paying for the brand name. They are good when they get a bit more expensive.

But there really is a lot better out there for that price
the price of one is 450. thats not bad
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the second one has very very close to identicle specs to my guitar which i payed about half that price for!
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it's not too similar to the ones you posted, but i'm selling a like new seagull 20th anniversary cedar top guitar. interested?
Quote by caveman5150
the price of one is 450. thats not bad

You can get a guitar with a solid Spruce top and laminate back and sides (instead of that HPL stuff they use in the Martins) starting from around $200 USD. For $450 USD you could get a much better guitar than either of those Martins. Give us a sec and I'll find some models that I like (I have to do price conversions otherwise I would suggest some straight off)
Ok, I went and looked through the Musicians Friend website and found a few guitars that start from $380 and go up to $500.
All of which are much better choices than the Martins. One of the Alvarez's even has a solid back, for $450.

Yamaha FG750S - $399

Seagull S6 - $379 and M6 - $499

Alvarez AD80SSB - $449 and PD80S - $449

Takamine G360S - $399

Wahburn D10SDL - $449

Even the cheapest Seagull there is a much better choice than the Martins. When you buy the low end Martins you are paying mostly for the brand name.
Would you rather a guitar, that for the price is crap but it has a good brand name on it, or a really good value guitar, with a not so prestige brand name?

The choice is yours... It's your money after all.
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