Okay, so here's the story. For the past eight months, I've been working at my teaching job at a local guitar store, and saving every penny so I can buy an Ibanez JEM. Right now, I sit with upwards of $2300, and an issue that needs solving.

I get a 15% discount at my place of work, and asked back in early December if my boss would be able to bring in this guitar for me. He told me that he had had other people inquiring about some higher-end Ibanez guitars as well, and would take this opportunity to phone the distributor for Ibanez, whom he already works with. He got put through to the Western Canada Ibanez representative, who said he was interested in having us sell certain lines, and would like to set up a meeting.

Long story short, it's halfway through February and we haven't heard anything more from this guy. Numerous phone calls from my boss have yielded nothing from the rep. I now have a choice - wait on my boss and see if anything happens, or go to another local store that already sells Ibanez and order it from there.

The easiest choice is to take the money and buy the guitar elsewhere. However, that isn't so easy. The place I work is a privately-owned small business, and my boss (the owner) and I are friends. I've been coming there every week for the better part of a year, and I really do not want to tell him that it's taking too long, and spend my money at a chain. Especially after he's done so much for me on this.

Other side of the coin, this is taking a really long time, and there is no sign that anything is going to happen. I'm essentially waiting on nothing, and just hoping that something happens. This is especially tough because I know that even if things do get moving, it could take another month or two before I'm able to even order the guitar, and I have the money now.

Tell me, UG, what would you do?
tell your boss to get a new guy that does it faster or your walking.
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Get the owner to order one whatever guitar you want. Then buy it at cost.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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i wouldnt be interested in a JEM but the equivalent for me would be a Jazzmaster....

if i had the money theres no way id be able to wait over two weeks for it.

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I'd tell your boss, and try to push him to keep calling that Ibanez rep.
^ I just this last week told him that I was sitting there with the money on the counter, so to speak, and he phoned the rep again with that information.

Actually, new development: My boss is phoning the distributor again, and I'm going to have an answer one way or another by tomorrow.
Tell him about it. If you talk to him man to man he will probably tell you to do what is best for you and you won't have to worry about going behind his back.
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You can wait, unless of course you are terminally ill and going to die tomorrow. Sometimes you have to wait. And don't go to a chain. I hate chains. They are usually impersonal and most of the time the people that work there don't have a clue as to what they are selling. Unless you believe that you are never going to see the guitar, wait it out and encourage your boss to make a new contact. The one that he is dealing with currently is costing him sales. It's a simple business decision for him. Get a better distributor and wait for the guitar. I ran into this same problem when i bought my EP7. I'm glad that i did because when the first one came in the owner of the store sent it back because he didn't believe that it was of proper quality. The one i have is beautiful and sounds great. No chain would have done that. A smaller business will stand behind their product, a chain doesn't give a damn.
Bucky, EFKAY (Canadian distrib for Ibanez) is well know for being slow as molasses. A few stores here have decided to not carry the brand just because of the issues with getting stock in a timely manner.
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don't you lose the 15% discount if you buy it elsewhere?
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