Yeahh, what genre are dinkys best for? I mean, what bands or songs does the dinky sound the best in? Because i was thinkin' of buying 1. Andf i wanted to know if they sound good like a7x, style.
metal. i own two and love them, just dont get the DXMG it kinda sux. the emg's really set the ****ers off
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basically if you buy a cheap dinky you will want to buy some decent pickups

other than that great guitar
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i am looking at a dinky and have posted some threads and it sounds like a good guitar for metal, especially with good humbuckers
It's nearly impossible to get an A7X type sound since they have so much gear and processing to get that creamy tone, but a Dinky would probably be able to get a good enough tone from. Also, what amp are you using? Amps are about 75% of your tone, the guitar doesn't really do anything major.
i hve a js1 as a second guitar and quite pleased wit its capilities. i play metal so if ur on a cheap budget or just a beinner get a jackson js-1 dinky
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Okay, so anyway, how did the Dinky get it's name? I mean, there's gotta be some kind of funny story behind that. Was there a guy nicknamed "Dinky" who designed it?

Or was it more like this: ????

Jackson Technician Guy: So what are you guys planning on as far as a name goes, for this new badass metal shred machine in development?

Jackson Designer Guy: Well we're pretty deadset on calling it the "Dinky"!

Jackson Technician Guy: Oh wow yeah that's totally metal, man! I don't think I could come up with a more masculine, edgier name myself!

Jackson Desinger Guy: Yeah it was either that, or the Strawberry Cupcake. Hard decision, but I think we went in the right direction.

Jackson Technician Guy: The Dinky!! Brilliant!!

Jackson Designer Guy: Brilliant!!