Im buying a new amp next week (probably an AC30CC2). I've got a Boss ME-50 which i use for Overdrive and Distortion, my question is should i keep the ME-50 with the new amp or would it be a waste of money buying a new amp and using an ME-50. If not i would probably be willing to sell the ME-50 and buy maybe 2 overdrive pedals, a phaser and a wah...and maybe a delay if i had the money. Also maybe some suggestions for these pedals. thanks...peace out
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I would at least give the ME-50 a shot with the new amp. It's a very nice multi-effects unit, so I wouldn't give it up right away.
tbh it doesnt float my boat! I say sell it and go mono with your pedal! (I think mono is the right term :P) Also where are you based in Ireland?
If I were you, I'd wait till the amp arrives, then try the ME-50 with it.

If it sounds bad, then sell it. If it sounds good, then great, keep it

You won't know until you get the amp
iv got a marshall dsl401 amp and i find the factory setting 1 sounds pretty good on the me 50 with my amp for a lead sound, mind you i cant be arsed to play about and find a good sound so i just stick with whats setup so id say keep it and see if you like it with the new amp first
I'd get rid, you don't want to be running something like that in front of an AC30, it'll kill the tone. Just get a couple of nice analog effects.
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Not at all, and especially not with an AC30.

Get decent single Fx.
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Those multi-effect processors eat away the real tone of your guitar and amp!
Just go analog.
Yeah I had an ME-50 that I loved at first but eventually just stopped using. When I sold it I noticed a huge change it tone. IMO none of the effects on it are all that great. Multi-effects are like a buffet line. There is all you could ever want but it really isnt that good. But maybe you like it a lot. So I would keep it, try it out, then decide.
I prefer the Korg Ax-1500 and -3000 (I think the 3000 is a bit too large though) but the Me-50 is a pretty good effects board.