Hey all!

So i'm going to replace my pickups on my Strat. I was looking for a pretty long time and i come up with this combo (all are seymour duncan pickpus):

SHR-1 (hot rail) bridge
SVR-1 (vintage rail) middle
SCR-1 (cool rail) neck

so I would like an opinion on that! I play punkrock/pop-punk, but i also like to play some clean guitar for those "romantic" emo songs.

Any suggestion will be appreciated

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i say get a single coil for cleans...
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Just replaced my bridge pickup, gone for a hand made, scatterwound Bareknuckle Nailbomb with camo finish cover. I'm actually replacing a Seymour SH-4 JB - nice pick up for blues or fusion but just lacks a bit of gain for me, I prefer my harder sounds. Nice work on the Hot/Cool rails, I'm well into those, maybe try a quarterpound single coil for the middle, give you a bit of variation.