ok, heres my problem.

I have a Charvel Model 5 (30 years old) with original jackson stock pickups, and the Neck Pickup is amazingly nice. I just bought a Jackson DK2, with Seymour duncans, and i hate the sound of the neck pickup.

My style is mainly powermetal/shred metal. so i need the neck pickup mainly for 'Sweep arpeggios' and shred.

Im tempted to buy a jackson stock Single coil for it, but if theres a pickup that woudl suit me better, id rather get it.

It needs to be a single coil. for a Shred metal guitar.

Ive heard good things about EMG 81, 85, and a few Bare Knuckles caught my eye.

But yeh please recommend good hi gain shred solo pickups.



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EMG would be ur best bet... Do you want a single coil though? EMG singles are awsome, they are all buy silent even under distorion..
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