Hey guyz i am either planing in buying a New MARSHALL AVTX150W AMP or A ZOOM G7.1ut effects console.HELP WHICH 2 CHOOSE i use a Ibanez Prestige 2550E Guitar and a Laney 30w amp the problem with the guitar and amp is the guitars gets a 2 loud bass sound which i dont like?WAT DO I DO i tried turning with bass on the amp btw
Well the AVTs aren't too great, which Laney do you have now?

It depends what you want, if you need more volume, the Zoom wont get you that but the AVT will.

However, I would give get a different better amp.
yeah, different amp
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ive never played a laney amp
but i have a zoom 606 and definately dont regret buying it
it dpends on what your looking for i guess
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is the laney from the solid state range? I'd look at the 100 watt vox valvetronic for a new amp.
Go for the amp, but look for something other than the AVT.

Can you run effects processors through Line6 amps? Just a tad confused about this.
^Sure, you can run fx through any amp.

Of course, running *anything* through a Spider is a bad idea...
Quote by guitarpunk8
If i dont get a marshall then which amp should i get???

...A Rogue, or Line6
ha, just kiddin bout that last post. I'm lookin into amps myself, and I"ve been looking at some of the Vox amps that are out there....or of course just get a used tube amp
Yeah I second the used tube amp, while the VOX's are great for home-practice, they are impractical for any other use.
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