k easy problem to solve im sure, im just new and i dont get it so can some1 please help me out im trying to log into my bands MYSPACE MUSIC and it says I have to be logged in to log in...my bandmate has a myspace to and he tried to get on our bands and it said the same to him...is there a different page to log into a myspace music?

thanks a lot
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That was helpful

You have to go to the music section and log in there.
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That was helpful

You have to go to the music section and log in there.

no you dont. you should be able to login at the homepage. make your your not on some phony myspace things that steal yourpassword. check the URL
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yeah i just made a new music page and i was able to log in once to make my page all nice and whatnot but i haven't been able to log in since. it keeps saying my password is wrong which is BS because i even requested it to make sure. so i guess theres something up with the music profiles, i sent a help request but havent had an feedback yet
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