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Hmm, i liked it, still a very original and challenging piece but for some reason i think it lacked some of the brutality and expertise of the other DM songs youve posted on here. The solos are still brilliant, the drumwork tight and varied and the chord choice very interesting and atmospheric. I can see this working very well as perhaps an instrumental piece rather then with vocals (not sure if that was your intent when writing it but i just thought i'd mention it). Overall i'll give it a 9/10, possibly a 10 if it maybe had a tempo change and some speedier riffs here and there.

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thx man, i was also thinking of making it an instrumental. I know it's not brutal or anything, but I wasn't going for that at all with this one...
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Ummm... It wasnt near as good as the other stuff youve posted it sounded more like metalcore jazz kinda stuff to me which i really dont like, although i did really like some of the harmony and bars 44-51, and the solos are stiff perfect.

Overall i didnt really care for it 6/10
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nice man. crazy jazzy chords its pretty damn hard to play. reminds me of arch enemy crossed with messuggah crossed with cryptopsy something like that. good job
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it was good on teh lead parts very good in fact, i really liked them but the riffs from 58 o 73 sounded really random and jumbled, but then once the lead picked up again it was good and i really liked the last set of riffs,
those were some crazy chords overall a pretty damn solid piece, :thumbs:
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This definitely sounds like an instrumental piece.
Keeping that in mind, it sounds really good.
I didn't like the intro drums. The awkward rhythm wasn't very pleasing.
Everything else sounding pretty damn good.
The dissonant chords worked really well. And, as always, your lead is ****ing amazing.
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whatever happening to posting these as powertabs?? anyhoo i loved it, like u said its not incredible brutal but its got alot of strength, it would be great as an instrumental. wonderful solo i wouldnt change a thing. i love the tritone to major chords i thought they were perfect. Overall this is just great, and very original... with alot of tech metal bands they start to sound the same but ur melodies totally break from that. stellar

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i liked how the beginning had a lot of energy and stuff, definitely not my style of music but still awesome sounding nonetheless, i like it and i usually dont like metal-y kind of music its cool 9/10
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It wasn't as powerful as your other songs. The leads were good, but not enough to make the song.

The harmonizing of the first lead part is sweet by the way.