Alright, my parents bought me a new amp for my birthday(wipee de doo). And its a Peavey 112efx transtube, its pretty sweet since its 65watt. But is it good for gigs and practice and shit like that?

Just everyone rate this amp. 1being crappiest, 10being best.
Depends on what your playing with it as to whether or not its really good.

But overall I would give it maybe a 4.

But then again, if you like it then its really all that matters. Who cares what we think. Your playing it.
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Dont rate how good an amp is by wattage.

I only said that 65watt is sweet because its pretty huge.
transtubes suck ass!! i had one a few years ago. nothing good came out of the speaker
i dunno, i thought the one i played was pretty good. not high-quality tube tone, but it'll hold its own.
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well i'd be happy with it. Just dont listen to people who say 'it sucks' because that WILL make you feel bad. I got an mg and people said it sucked. I felt bad for a month bu then i figured that i didnt think it sounded too bad and i could get a couple decent sounds out of it. Be happy with your new amp because my guess is it's better than your last amp. Enjoy it
I used to love my Peavey Rage-15 Watt amp (w00p for practice amps) but I started using my Korg as an equalizer, and I've found the sounds I get out of it are considerably better.

If the other Peavey amps are anything to judge from, and considering the higher wattage (Not a major factor, unless you intend to use it for more than practising) I'd say 6/7.
It depends on what you want us to rate it against. I could rate it against a Mesa Dual Rectifier and give it a 2, or I could rate it against an MG and give it a 7 or 8. But I guess if you just want to know how good it is for other solid states in the same price range (which I guess is what i should rate it on) I would give it a 6. Ive played them a few times at my friends house, but I like the sound of a Roland Cube better. It will be a good practice amp because you will be able to jam with other people easily with the volume, and hopefully it wont crap out on you at high volumes like my Line 6 used to.