I have had a fender chord for about 4 months now. My friend came over, and I plugged it in to my petal (which no longer works). Ever since then, my signal is not getting through all the way. I am getting massave feedback no matter where I stand, and the new chord isn't working properly. Any ideas what might be the problem?
you could start by finding a dictionary and learning to spell lmbo! just kiddin...so your saying that you used the same amp right? it could be the input on the amp thats loose or something...
no i used my friends amp. then i came back to my room, plugged it in, and nasty feedback. no sound at all with this chord. so i switched to other cords and only one worked, but still with the feedback so loud you could barely hear the guitar playing.
Hey ckellingc, this is a bit off topic, but i looked at the link in ur sig, and now i'm clicking those every day
hey use a different amp if the chords are ok and the jack in yoru guitar is good
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