Anyone ever throw up in public, I did this morning outside in a corner of a building, apparently someone saw me and everyone mentions it at school, I know cause I came back to collect homework.
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I threw up in an alleyway in a station once, but i was hungover so i didn't care what the tramp that was staring at me was thinking.
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Yeah. Sometimes when you get reallllly plastered at a bar. Not fun.
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Oh yeah. I've thrown up in public like 8 times in the past 2 years. It sucks, everyone is all like "ewwwww" and your moderately embarrassed. It sucks!!!


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the amount of times i puked in public is obscene. but nobody really cares. its ok to get so wasted you have no control over anything. well, once a week max.
I threw up on a girl at school one time. We were lined up to leave class and I threw up all over her. Its cool though because she turned out to be a popular slutty snob.
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I only throw up when I'm actually sick, once right outside school, just before the bell rang. It was kind of embarassing, not because anyone saw me (no one was really around), but because I had those marks around my eyes from throwing up really hard
one time i was dexing and I puked up two bottles of cough syrup all over some chick on the sidewalk. I then proceded to robowalk away as fast as possible
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I've thrown up in pubic a couple of times, but usually only when it's people I know in the area.
Once though, I have no idea, I just randomly was sick, and everybody walking past was 'Urgh'. It was strange, because I hadn't eaten anything strange, and hadn't smoked or drank anything. Yet I still threw my guts up.

It was a fun day.
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i've puked on the bus a few times after a heavy drinking sesh...

and in school/college when i've been ill...

and i was spectacularly sick at download last year, temporary heatstroke or something, i got all dizzy, staggered out of the snickers tent, puked, passed out, woke up and was fine again...

but the thing that gets me, is how uncaring people are. ok, sick is disgusting, but if you saw someone who was really ill, would you really just leave them there?
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Never, I feel asthough I'm missing out though..
That was a rare post..

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On new years, after taking 2 vicodin and drinking myself stupid. I puked all over a girl's driveway infront of everyone at the party. Not my best moment.
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yup. got of a bus, with a lady friend. threw up every where. loved it. i had to smuther myself in about £150 worth of perfume to make me smell nice. god bless perfume testers.
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i puke a lot in public. most people find it funny lol.
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Sit down, kids, I have a wonderful story to tell.

It was time for the official exams. I hadn't studied properly, and was fairly nervous, since it was maths (mathS you damn Americans, not math) and I suck at it. But before it was time to go to the exam hall, I went and visited my gf. We were making out, but I wasn't feeling good.

Yep, I threw up. Not all over her, but in some remote part of school. She helped me clean myself up and all, and wished me luck, and I headed off to my exam.

I met her several time in the same place, and almost every time I'd feel sick. I threw up like three times at least, in total.

Yeah... I know.
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in 4th grade, we had a all school assembelyand i while we were all sitting on the floor, right on top of some ones head
I was ill at college all day once.
I ate loads, drank loads but it all stayed in my very acidic and bloated stomach. I knew i was gonna be sick, So (stupidly) i got on a bus home, and we went around a very tight, verrrry bumpy corner and i puked a little on my bag, i ran to the front of the bus, vomit building up in my mouth and just as i lept through the door ( the bus was pulling up to a stop anyway) i was violently sick on the pavement, infront of several horrified people. It was ALL over the pavement there was so much of it it was puring into the road... But i felt better afterwards....Then had the shits...But that a different story...
Yeah, got back from eating chinese with a few friends. One of my friends threw an eggroll at my head and I laughed so hard I threw up all over the sidewalk.
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accually just the other day I puked in a Sams club parking lot.

the funny thing is tho these gangster wannabes/chavs all steped in it and freaked out cuz it got all over there white shoes. ahh that was a great day
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If I haven't thrown up I haven't had enough to drink..
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The last time I threw up in public was ... thanksgiving, outside a store. Threw up all over the building, then went inside and bought popcorn.

It was kind of awkward. I was with a pretty cute girl.

Goddamn turkey, foiled me again!
Just the once. It was rather embarassing, given the fact that it was in the middle of an Iron Maiden concert. I hadnt eaten since breakfast time, and I'd been in the que for about 6 hours. The doors finally opened and everyone rushed inside. Iron Maiden came on and everything so far had been awesome, until it came to their third or fourth last song. I started to feel quesy from all the jumping up and down, so I stopped and tried to rest for a minute, but their was too many people and everyone was still pushing around. I turned to run for the back when I started vomitting. I kept running as people looked shocked and jumped out of the way. I managed to make it to the back, finish throwing up and then get reasonably far forward again to watch the end of the show.

T'was a good day
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powerslave756 speaks the truth.

one time in elemtary school this fat kid was up in the swirly slide and he barfed down it and before they could block it off some girl went down it. one of my fond california grade school memories
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Ive never actually thrown up...well, not since I was like, 4...
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^ wut he said

Once when i was at a restaraunt i puked all over the my food
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I threw up at the county fair once. My and my friend went on a very loopy ride multiple times, then went to go get some pizza. Not a good idea.
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in 4th grade, we had a all school assembelyand i while we were all sitting on the floor, right on top of some ones head

I bet that guy was thinking "Delicious"

Well see I've never really had this happen to me, but I'm sure it's slightly humiliating.
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i havent thrown up in six years... last time it happened was in 6th grade, and i barfed into my loceker at the end of the day
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