Okay, problem is at the 13th fret theirs a chip going in, from the side underneath the fret, so natually the frets come up.

So, this means all the way from1-12 plays fine but the 13th fret is a dead note as its being blocked by the 14th fret bar, with me? but 14th->22 fine, no issue.

i'll take it to a guitar shop tomorow and see what they say, i imagine that the options are.

strip fret out, fill hole, finish etc, then tap in new fret.
fill in hole, tap down fret.

ive tried taping it inmyself but, it just pops back out lol.

is it actual fixable though?

pic here
It's not the frets, it's the neck it looks like.
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Quote by E V H 5150
It's not the frets, it's the neck it looks like.

Yeah, but thats affecting the fret.
Quote by cheames
dude, you need a new neck....simple as.

for one little bit o.O.
well your not gonna fix a chip that big, and if it's affecting the frets, then i dont see as how you can carry on playing it like that.
personally, i wouldn't attempt "filling" a hole on the fretboard....but you can try it if you want. you should tae it to a luthier for some professional advice.