Hey people, I just wanted to post this because some people were asking to hear my PRS. Well, I am aware that the playing is tatally shite, cause I mainly made this video quickly so that ppl could hear the guitar pla, but I'm free to accept any crits...

Here's the vid:

There are quite a few mess ups, but anyways...


I dunno if the video has been validated yet, but once it has, please rate it... Thanks!
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Dude is that an SE CUSTOM!?!??!!??!!?!
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
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And thanks for the crit, qotsa1278, I'll crit yours too...

Tell me about your guitar! I was planning on buying one dude!
It's not necessarily the dog in the fight, it's the FIGHT in the DOG
The neck feels very smooth. Thin neck. Here are the specs:

Incredible PRS craftsmanship, looks, and tone made incredibly affordable.

Genuine maple top with flamed maple veneer on a mahogany back plus a set wide, fat mahogany 22-fret neck produce the resonant sustain and high-end bite that made PRS famous. PRS-designed components in the SE Custom include dual bare zebra humbuckers, chrome tuners, and high-sustain wraparound stop tail or vibrato.

Mahogany back
Genuine maple top with flamed veneer
Set mahogany neck
Rosewood fretboard and moon inlays
Wide fat neck carve
PRS-designed open-coil zebra humbucking pickups
3-way pickup selector toggle
Volume and tone knobs
25" scale

I'm really liking it. It feels and sounds good. I made a recording of Santana (Better than the one on this thread - this was just to try it out) it if you want to hear it without any video etc...


I recorded it using Audacity and the Amp I was using was a Fender Hot Rod deluxe.

The last guitar I had was a Squier, so it was a big jump when I bought this one, and I bought the amp that day too.