Okay guys, should I get something like a Line6 Uber Metal or something such thing and run it through my clean channel or should I get something like a Marshall Jackhammer or Ibanez TS9 or SM7 and run it through my lead channel?
i'd say use the amp for gain and the pedal as a volume boost, so the second one
If you have a nice tube amp, definatly go for using a TS9 through the lead.

Check out a BBE Boosta Grande. Its true bypass so it wont affect your tone when its off. Plus is just a nasty pedal that will up your gain on a OD chanel.

I use a VOX Big Ben. It has a tube built in that doesnt need to warm up so its like adding another tube to your line. They are pretty expensive but I seriously cant see myself playing anothr pedal right now. And I have played a million different OD pedals. Plus it gets pretty heavy just on its own. There are a bunch of different versions that VOX makes that have the tubes built in. If you can find them try them out...but like I said...they can be expensive. I traded stuff in that I didnt use so I got it for like $20. But it was originally $200, and some of the others went up to $225. I think the dual drive would be good for you. It has a real good Distortion chanel as well as a chanel you can set to just drive your amp.
Have you looked at MXR Micro Amps? They can boost the sound from your lead channel
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How about an EQ for a little boost?
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