Hey everyone, I've been practicing my vibrato for a while now, and it seems there are a couple different techniques to do it. I was wondering if other people would like to share their knowledge on these techniques and perhaps let us know how professionals do it.

From what I gather, there are two basic techniques. The first is the same one that classical violinists use, where you apply pressure to a fretted note back and forth using a line of force that is the same as the string. The string doesn't move but the back and forth pressure changes the pitch. The second is like repeatedly bending the string a little.

What little tricks can I do to make my vibrato sound better, or to make it sound a certain way, and do people combine these two techniques?
Usually higher down the neck (15+) I'll use the "classical" method. Not sure why, but it seems to work better that way. From around, say, 10-15 I'll mix the two, lower than that I repeatedly bend it to get the vibrato sound.
What I do it let go of the neck and relax/tense up my hand, letting it drop and come back up. It creates a very wide vibrato, but it takes some practice to do it sowly. Then I just use the butterfly style vibrato for the bottom 2 strings, using my wrist as a fulcrum.
Everyone that I know uses the classical vibrato and laughs at the way I do it.

I have a really strong middle finger so when I'm in the middle of the six strings say 3-5 I pull down hard almost like a full bend then up really high to almost a full bend and continue that really fast.
But that doesn't make them laugh,(its hard to explain without a picture but I'll try) the thing that they think is funny is like on the 1 and 2 strings put my arm around the top of the neck so my fingers are pointed towards the ground and vibrato up like that. Weird but its comfortable to me.
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If you press and relax your finger against the string behind the nut or behind the tune-o-matic you'll be able to make a vibrato effect. It's not of easy access, but for slow and... "eerie" songs where you need to make vibrato and you can take your time to do it, it gives a nice effect.
I use two different technqiues. Just because it depends on what finger I'm applying the vibrato with.
One - I'm using my pointer finger or middle finger, and the motion is like rotating my wrist. With this technique, my thumb is not touching the neck at all - the neck rests solely on the inside of my first finger's knuckle. I'm told this is similiar to how Clapton does his. Pretty smooth vibrato.

Two - Using my ring finger, I have my pointer and middle finger also fretting the same string, right behind, for extra strength. Also a sort of rotary motion, but wider range of motion. More like I'm pulling the string down. This one is more like Angus Young, and gives me a wide vibrato.
I forget what it is exactly, but theres a blues guitar lesson site, Slowhandguitar.com maybe? Search for blues guitar lessons and you'll find it easily enough. On there is a good explanation and even clips (if i remember right) of different forms of vibrato. I use wrist vib personally.
Im sorta weird..when I do light vibrato I use 2 fingers, but, when I do wide vibrato (Think Yngwie) I use one finger.
I do repeatedly bending technique because it's easier for me.
Depends on your hand size and where on the fretboard you are trying to do the vibrato. Also depends on what kind of vibrato you are trying to achieve.

The vibrato, really, is all in your mind. You have to think about how you want it to sound like, then you will naturally get it out.
i use circular vibrato.it sounds great with a wah

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i use my fingers for vibrato more than my whole wrist, is that a problem? im slightly worried that this is not correct, i have done it like this for years have i learnt a bad habbit?
if you have strong fingers it shouldnt be a problem

Tell me what nation on this earth, was not born of tragedy-Primordial
Thanks for all these replies. Concerning "wide" vibrato... what is it exactly? It's just a bigger vibrato right? haha...
Wide vibrato is like bending higher, but in vibrato type form. Theres vibrato would be like a maybe 1/2 step bend but a wide vibrato would be more like a full bend or more. Crazy.

When I vibrato, I can get a crazy wide one by like, fretting with my pointer finger (I'm starting to do it with pointer and middle now too) and like, bend it up a bit and rotate the wrist a bit and... I don't know how to explain it. But like half my arm hurts if I do it for a long time.