OK i Have recently made a purchase today to add to My GAS(i think thats right) problem. But luckily for me this pedal is phenomenal. I tried it out on a few different amps. Twin Reverb great crunchy dirt tone surprisingly not to bad for Clapton and did ZZ Top pretty good. Then i moed on to the HIgh Gain stuff which i intended it for. As a thrash player i went directly to the 800. And my god it sounded ****ing amazing. It added so much Edge and bite and Cut to it as well as lots of sustain. Tone and Drive knobs have alot of effect on it unlike the Tubescreamer reissue that i used to have where the controls where very well they were garbage i dont know what to say.

So i was sold i had heard good things then i witnessed good things, so I bought it. Took it to my Studio and hoooked it up to my 5150 which was my original intent. Phenomenal is all i can say Adds tightness, A Sharp Edge, As well as sustain and cut it allready had alot of cut to it. The amp sounds even better than it did before. If your looking for a good tubescreamer the Maxon OD-9 is it.

Also I cured all feedback problems. So ill share my discovery i know someone has probably done this before but for those who havent hear ya go. The Key is Two Decimators. I allways run my decimator through my FX loop as i have no pedal noise as i dont use pedals, But i would allways get lots of feedback at high volumes. When i put the decimator in my Guitar to amp signal it fixed feedback but then i had amp hizz. So i got two decimators one in the FX loop one in my Guitar to amp signal dead silent and even with the volume cranked no feedback. IM GENIUS.

Allright IM Done ask me any questions about the pedal ill be happy to answer.
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in other words, you got a new od pedal and use 2 noise gates to cut the hum

yeah, great
Ya my guitar is shielded right it feedbacks to much because i use EMGs they just OD everything themselves. I didnt have horrible feedback problems just a little bit every once in awhile and this killed it. Im problem probably just gonna buy the ISP rck now as it is supposed to be used in the way im using the two decimators
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