Me and my dad have been building a strat-style guitar for a bit now(putting finishing touches on the neck currently) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some affordable but high quality single coil pups. Ive heard good things about "golden age". Has anyone had any experience with them?
Well, it depends on what kinda sound you're looking for. What music genres do you hope to play on this strat?
There's a UG member here who winds pickups...I'm waiting for mine in the mail, and I'm expecting good things...Very affordable, and he'll customize them to the kinda sound you're looking for.
Im looking for a good clean sound in the neck and a classic-rock type in the bridge. my ibanez has EMGs so i don't want for anything really high output.

Edit: Corduroy's pickups sound like what im looking for. thanks for the recommendation
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