Sorry for the vague thread title, I didn't really know how to label this one, but...

How much of the distortion's shape (how well you can hear the changing or chords/notes) is based on the Guitar and the Amp?

I have a Spider II 15w Amp, and I know that sure as hell ain't going to give me a tube amp clean, or a Marshall Stack distortion, however, I just want to know whether it is the amp that's going to suck when I buy a $600 Epiphone Les Paul Custom.
I would upgrade your amp first mate. A shit guitar through a shit amp will sound shit. A good guitar through a shit amp will still sound shit. Upgrade the amp first, you'll be much happier in the long run. I know it's hard, you'd rather have a sweet looking guitar than a nice sounding box right? (Well, at least I did) However, your sweet looking axe will sound alot less sweet through a crap amp. Amp first then guitar man. Good luck
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