you can rate music and get free stuff for doin it, and not crap stuff. its awesome i joined like a few days ago, fav website

*URL Edited out*

He was trying to get referal points off of us.
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you do realize you're not supposed to do this, right?
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The morning will come
In the press of every kiss
With your head upon my chest

Where I will annoy you
With every waking breath
Until you, decide to wake up
omfg, you spend hours listening to shit music so that you can earn a t-shirt that takes more than a month to be delivered and only in the us

*looks left, looks right, whips out banning stick*

We are going to learn you real good down here, boy.
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.