Poll: How do you feel about Buckethead?
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He's wonderful!!!
10 56%
He's wretched!!!
1 6%
He's talented, but just not my cup of tea.
6 33%
Bucket what?
1 6%
Voters: 18.
I want to hear everyone's thoughts on the guitarist Buckethead, plain and simple.

A lot people like him, and there are a lot who don't.

Personally, I'm a big fan. He puts on a good show, and he's definitely talented, even though some people may not realize his level of skill due to the type of scales and keys that he chooses to play in. In many of his less famous tracks he breaks from this mold, and that's when his talent shines even brighter.

Also, I'd like to hear what people think about the muting button that he has on his guitar. Is this cheating? A poor substitution for rythem in the right hand? Or is it simply a useful and new innovation that lends even more credit to Buckethead's creativity?

Let's hear it!!!
Jordan is a sweet song and a jaw dropping solo!
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kill switch is a new thign to add more perspective.
buckethead rules.
and btwn ... wrong section
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i love him hes just completly influential to me and killswitch FTW!!

my band ^
hes a amazing guitarist but he lacks the songwriting talent to become great
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