I'm looking for a neck to complete a project I have been working on for a while. I'm hoping to be able to find one within the next couple of weeks used instead of buying a new one. If its 24 frets and fits a locking nut that would be great 25.5 inch scale too. If you want to make me a offer you can email or pm me. thanks
hi there 420 FREAK wow u made a new name to hide the fact you tried to scam me....

same thing you looking for just new name amazing...

everyone watch out for this 14 year old kid... we had a deal for my jackson neck, first he had the money then he said i don't have the money will in a week. then he says he would not have the money till the 24th i agree to hold it then after i call him out on a bunch of guitar forums he says his parents told him not too.... and no he makes a new name looking for the same thing... and funny thing if you try to hide with a new name don't make the post the exact same used under your other name....

watch out everyone

P.S i have sent a MOD a PM about this matter...
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uh-oh. well if it is 420 freak, i still have my warlock neck, 24 frets, maple, etc. PM for price.
lost and confused,
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