Has anyone noticed that, you know.. the new style that all the kids are dressing like... has basically pulled stuff out of 70s and 80s metal. Probably gunna get pwned here cus most of UGs population is emo. Mods notice I have carefully not said anythign offensive to anyone so dont bust me. heres some examples of what they took.

- coverse shoes.... used to rockers shoes...
- the checkerboard design was what everyone had on belts and guitars straps
- the studs - 70s Hard rock/metal/punk
- tight pants (not cool)... (at all)

thats about it for what they stole. THeyre also alot of crap that looks terrible.... First of all I never new I would see a time where it is "cool" for a guy to kiss another guy when they are "non-homosexual". If one emo kid/guy kisses another emo guy.... they are homosexual....thats it. Since when was it friken cool for guys to walk down the streets with makup? and pieced ears? and what is with the total black hair cut in obscene ways.
When will it all end?
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Shredding is having control over your instrument and being free of technical obstacles so your music is not limited by your playing ability.

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Classical Gas is when you fart and it smells like the inside of a violin. EVERYONE knows that. n00bs...