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Okay heres my situation, I was asked to play a song(on guitar) infront of the class(hopefully infront of the school ) and i don't know what song to play. any suggestions?

So far im thinking either:
Eruption by EVH
Anthem be Trivium

so any other suggestions for songs?
p.s. has to be a song that u can play with just one guitar and sounds good(preferably a song that doesnt have both rythm and lead unless lead plays throughout the whole song)
nine ince nails - closer

no seriously try:

Coldplay - yellow
Joze Gonzales - crosses
Red hot chili peppers - slow cheetah
John frusciante - they're all good
damn i wish i were in your position

viking kong by racer x is really cool
play crazy train, war pigs, iron man, or any other song by Ozzy/Black Sabbath
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lol The Casualty underneath ur name it says slayer in like 64 font and u say classic rock isnt todays music
Play what the majority of your class will like.
This will probably be a poppier song than you would play, but tbh they'd probably rather hear 4 chords over again (assuming you're going to be singing) than a blistering solo.
im not gonna sing cause honestly i suck the devils red,hairy, saggy balls do id go with blistering solo
If you can play it pretty well play eruption
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If you can play eruption then do that. Don't do Anthem without being able to sing, because the guitar work in that is pretty boring.

You should be setting your standards a lot lower. If you have never done a live gig before (which im assuming based on the fact that you need to ask which song to play) then it is likely you will stuff up a technically complicated song, no matter how good you are. Look at something with basic chord progressions or just power chords and you will get applause,
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I disagree.

But really, Trivium or Van Halen?
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But really, Trivium or Van Halen?

But really, you're asking for a flame fest, stop now.
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But really, you're asking for a flame fest, stop now.

No I'm not. I gave the guy advice and then supported it.
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dude if i can play Eruption i don't think i'll go up on stage and play a friggen chord progresion
the reason i said trivium is cause thats the only metal band in our school that majority of people dont mind or like
Do a bluesy piece.

Edit: Better yet, if you're willing (or can get someone) to sing do "redemption song".
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Choosing Van Halen over Trivium?
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I'd pick Trivium

Van Halen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Trivium.
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Van Halen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Trivium. that supposed to mean something to me or something?

Am I not allowed to like a band you don't?
Do something shred-tastic like:
Eruption- Van Halen
Far Beyond The Sun- Yngwie Malmsteen
Mr. Scary- George Lynch
Satch Boogie- Joe Satriani

or Metal
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due- Megadeth
Lake Bodom- Children of Bodom
The Psalm of Lydia- Nevermore

or Blues rock-y:
Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix
Voodoo Chile- Jimi Hendrix
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Try Binge and Grab-Buckethead nice chorus, riff, and solo, its around 5 minutes long.
Voodoo chile, thats the way to go man.
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7 Nation Army... everyone loves that song, find a drummer in ur school and u'll start a dance party, u want something fast though maybe Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones, that'll go down well in a gym full of teenagers or better yet Green Day... but if u want to show off play some SRV, if u can play Eruption u can play Scuttle Buttin and Scuttle Buttin is a way better tune as far as rock instrumentals go
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Van Halen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Trivium.

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midnight my joe satriani is much easier than it sounds (if you're worried about screwing up, it just i dont know why you wouldnt do eruption if you can play it) and always goes down well.
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Oh jeez...well it's expected from some people isn't it? I don't aim to flame.
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