ok, my new amp (crate gt65) has insert jack on the back, and in the manual it said w/ an 1/4 inch splitter the insert jack can be used as an effects loop, so i go out and buy the correct splitter and 2 new cables for my new effects loop, so when i get home and plug it all up in this order noice reducer, wah, chorus, phaser i get nothing no sound at all, i thought may it was the noice reducer so i took it out, still no results, then i took the wah out, and same story, so can someone please help me and tell how to get my effects loop working
try a diff. adapter
i found that some adapters are mono and some stero, and depending on application, some dont/do work
remember, mono has one plastic band, stereo has 2
try switchin em up, adapters are pretty inexpensive
all assuming that u meant adapter by splitter, of course
hope that helped
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If you got a mono y cable, it won't work. You need one with a stereo jack that splits into two mono jacks. Is that what you have?
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You need a stereo to two mono IMO.
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