Okay, I want to get an alexi laho signature (I know signatures aren't exactly very original, but it has everything I want) but they are really expensive, I found one on zz sounds that's "blemished" and there are only two left. I realized that A. maybe I would hate the way it played, and B. It might look like crap. Then I saw hat they advertise a 30-day satisfaction gaurantee.

I was wondering how many people had dealt with these guys before and whether UG thought it was worth a shot.

Thanks in advance

Here is the guitar Link

and here is their return policy policy
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They are good when it comes to that. Get it, and ifyou dont like it, return it. Worth a shot if you ask me.
Honestly, it's described as a "blemish." So it probably isn't much worse of a chip/bad finish spot/whatever that you're gunna do yourself with a few years of owning it.. I'd say go for it if that's what you want. And don't worry about getting a signature, I'm actually really looking into the Amott sig myself. ESP has so many now they're like a whole new line of completely different guitars..

As for Zz, I've went through them a few times, they're realiable, pretty much on par with Musicians Friend.
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ZZ is a great company. Alot of their stuff is a little bit cheaper than other sites [ie. Musicians Friend].

Go for it, and if it's not what you expected, return it :]
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If you do get it tell us how it looks so we can know how bad/good their blemishes are.
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^ I will

Thanks for the help!
" What do I say to an Atheist who sneezes? "Uh, when you die nothing happens"?- Dane Cook