I'm in this rut where I cant find many songs I like to play. Which most of you probably know SUCKS. Anyway I've got this thing for classical guitar and I need some songs to play. I'd say I'm an intermediate player and I like the slower, darker songs. Any ideas?
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fur elise

Except for the huge major key part.

Try Leo Brouwer, he is crazy, and awesome.
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Play Classical Gas...not so dark but come on, it's Classical Gas.
Slower, darker classical music?

Dude, you might as well just say "Moonlight Sonata".

The fist movement, to be exact...

(The rest is awesome too but not quite so slow )
romance romanza is kinda nice and quite simple.asturias is really nice if youve got a shitload of free time to practice it in.
For something different, try an arrangement of Space Dye Vest by Dream Theatre. It's not a classical piece, but it's moody, and I bet it would sound pretty good on nylon strings...

Has anyone tried an arrangement of Tocatta and Fuge in D Minor?
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"The Old Castle" from Mussorgsky's "Picture at an Exhibition" is a very dark piece, as is the contemporary classical suite "Koyunbaba" by Carlo Domeniconi.
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