Post your view on the best guitarist of the 60's, 70's, 80's and current.

My view on the best 70's is Jimi Hendrix along with the sixties.
My view on the best 80's is either Van Halen(I don't care what you think) or any G3 members.

I have no clue on the current, i listen to older stuff.

So, ya post your view.
can you really consider hendrix the best guitarist of the 70's? i mean he only lived for 9 and a half months of the decade.
Wow this thread needs to be closed, your font is very annoying, this threads been done millions of times, and you ask for our opinions but say you don't care what we think???
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Quote by PureIronMaiden
ya i know, the font is annoying, but i dont care what you think about Van Halen because a lot of people i know put him down. if you like him good for you.

No one said anything about Van Halen you stupid ****, now delete this thread.
Sixties, seventies, eighties, and now? What about the nineties? Surely, compositional merit counts for "best guitarist".

And, Kruno Spisic; best Gypsy Jazz guitarist I've ever seen.