i wanna get that operation ivy sound. what kinda bass should i go for and what strings/pickups should i use. price doesnt matter this is just for future knowledge. right now im using a ibanez GSR200FM havnt changed the strings on it or pickups yet.

I like Fender strings.
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It's all about Ernie Ball for punk.

EDIT: I didn't realise we were talking about basses too. Matt used a Jazz in Op. Ivy, but he tends to switch between Precisions and Jazzes live (When I saw Rancid in November he used a Precision for the whole show)
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I never really payed attention to the bass when I listened to the few Operation Ivy songs that I heard, but I would suggest for strings Ernie Ball Hybrids.

How can you not listen to the bass in Op Ivy?
I think Matt used a Jazz bass in Op Ivy btw.
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How can you not listen to the bass in Op Ivy?
I think Matt used a Jazz bass in Op Ivy btw.

I didn't play any instruments when I heard them and I guess I really wasn't paying attention.
dont know about punk...but alternative rock such as Alice in Chains and Tool i can help you with

its all about bridge pickup with some mean ass strings. I personally use Dean Markley Blue Steels (med-light) but as said earlier, Ernie Ball Hybrids are what alot of the artists use.
Im a D'addario and DM string guy, and for bass I like fender jazz basses and musicman basses.
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