trying to find black sabbath vol4, and sabatoge guitar books (with tab). Or at least where i can buy a book with the final solo from snowblind. Ive looked at 4 books, none have it.
Maybe...it doesn't exist!!!


the solo's all in ur head!!!

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Quoting yourself is cool.

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ask in tab talk someone in there will know!


I think Black Sabbath goes on Metal
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This argument is always made, and here is your answer.

This forum counts Classic Rock as a time period. Black Sabbath were well into that time period. Therefore, this is the right place to do it. But you could put it in the metal forum if you wanted to. Either place is acceptable.
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1. Don't come looking for a tab/tab book in the Classic Rock forum.
2. Black Sabbath by definition of the rules on this website is Classic Rock.
3. ***CLOSED***

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