good effort and all playing is correct here, exception being the solo, but the verse section without the wah is very weak sounding. The part with the wah has to much wah, and the chorus has enough distortion to make my ears bleed. Good playing, really, and only needs effect and sound tweaking.
Guitar sounds a bit out out of tune, the wah part sucks because I cant make out anything!!
Chorus is alright! atleast you have the notes but you dont have the feel. breakdown wasnt great, I would recomend learning some blues to make your playin more fluent, because its very stiff! Solo was the same!! learn to Vibrato and bend!

You need alot more practise man, You have the fundementals just need to work!
Sounds a bit rough, as if the notes aren't coming out in the chords. I think the guitar is also a little out of tune. The effects aren't going too well. Some bits are a bit off time. But it was a good attempt, and you'll be great if you keep practicing... How long u been playing guitar for?

Crit mine?
too much distortion in the chorus.

I think the verse way might of had too much wah.

Shore up on the solo for sure.

But overall good effort.

Maybe try singing?
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Nice Intro So far all the recordings ive listened to have started off weak and progressed to mediocre so this my friend is like munching on a polo. I completely disagree with the comments on the effects aside from the distortion, maybe go for crunch as opposed to full on fuzz, your playing could be a little more fluid but this truly has potential. Your effects changes dont all flow brilliantly, but all in all this isnt too bad.

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