Honestly, why do some people in UG want to get banned? Is it like the 'in' thing at the moment ?
who knows.

i figure if someone wants to be banned, ban them. i could care less why they want it. just get rid of them.
caus they hve too much free time on their hands and dont hve a life
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They're not even worthy of being banned for good causes...they have to actually force people to do so.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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It's because is the noobiest cool thing to do.

LetZ g3T bannORizEDlolloloneone11!!
I have no idea, but when I was in the FOTB I saw like 5 people ask to be banned and barely a day later they'd beg to be unbanned.
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because they're idiots who want to see the fotb, but they usually just get double banned.