Man, it's nuts, I can't think of any words to describe it. Too bad what I've heard from CC is boring so far. It will be interesting to see ratm without Zach tho...
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i've been hoping this would happen ever since a few years ago when i got into ratm right after they broke up...

but now after a few years of audioslave, i feel a little bad that they're breaking up

but woohoo! ratm
yeah...hopefully zack and everyone will come to there senses and see what an amazing band ratm was, and get back together.
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Bleh, I doubt RAtM will reunite for good. And if they were to release an album, chances are it'd be mediocre.
god damnit... i didn't even get to see them live... i really regret not getting tickets for the out of exile tour.
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NOOOOOOOOOOO, i am gonna miss them heaps, oh well at least i got to see them perform live in Calgary on the out of exile tour, damn they kicked some serious ass,
well once again chris cornell spoils the day, hopefully RATM get back together coz morello kicks ass
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I have tremendous respect for the musical talent of Christ Cornell -- his solo stuff will be great. I used to love Rage Against the Machine, but then I became a hardcore conservative and got tired of their boyish politics. I hope two things, in order of my desire for them to happen, happen due to this: Soundgarden reunites (I'd be so happy)l Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave with a different vocalist (Mark Lanegan!) comes to fruition.

The new album wasn't exciting, but the first Audioslave album was one of the most amazing things I've ever heard.
RAtM is gettin back together for the Coachella in late April i believe.
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