my buddy has a Jackson JS30DK Dinky that i just put new strings on and it has Die-Cast Tuners.. im not used to this allen wrench stuff and i cant get it to stay in tune for more than 10 seconds
Ah the dreaded first floyd rose I take it. Theres a good chance if it wont stay in tune the tremolo bridge isnt balanced properly. Lay your guitar flat and take a look at the bridge from the bottom of the guitar and take note of how te sides are angled.
All things benig equal the edges should be parralel to the body of the guitar.
If not then open the back. Take a screw driver and use that to adjust the spring set up in the back you cant miss the two big screws you need to turn. each one allows u to balence that side of the bridge. If one side of the bridge is angled lower than the body turn its screw anti clockwise to reduce the spring tension if its angled above the body turn the screw clockwise to increase the tension. Do for any side that needs adjusting then retune your strings, Repeat until you've leveled them out.

KEEP BOTH SIDES LEVEL WITH EACH OTHER. Cant emphasis that enough. lol
Know how you feel. When i first tuned my Jackson JS30 i had the exact same problem. When you tune with a floating tremolo (like a Floyd-Rose) if on of the strings is slightly out of tune it pulls the others out aswell. This makes it a nightmare to tune if it's your first floating trem.

Step 1:
[I highly recommend an electric tuner]

Tune the strings to as close as you can get to in tune. This means get the needle on the tuner to within the two outer markings---

0----0----0<=Tuner markings


Get the needle in this gap!
Step 2:

Tighten the allen key locking nuts at the headstock
(tight enough to nip but not as tight as humanly possible, you'll cross thread the bolts)

Step 3: Use the Floyd-Rose's fine tuners at the back of the tremolo---

,,0,,,,,0,,,,0,,,,0,,,,,0,,,,0 <=These Things!

I know my diagram's bad but they're basically located as shown - at the back of the vibrato tailpiece. They look like large screw heads. You tighten these and they tune the strings more sensitively than the machine heads on your headstock. turn them until the strings are in tune. One thing, though...make sure you loosen these off every now an then, i.e. tune the strings slightly sharp via the headstock and looosen of the screws. They will cease to be any use if you tighten them until they cannot be tightened any more!
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It could just be that your strings need a good stretching, if you're re-stringing an FR stretch the strings after you've put them in, then tighten the locking nuts and then fine tune.