I got a MIM strat for Christmas with the Roland Ready synth pick up built in. Its about a $650 guitar. I use the synth sometimes, but mainly just the regular guitar plugged in with the 1/4 inch jack. The thing that has been burning in my head is...I want an American Strat..or mainly I want a guitar that I can have and play for the rest of my life, and will show battle scars over the years and something that will have sentimental value as well as an actual dollar value by the time i'm 50. So the question is...do I stick with my MIM for a few years, or do I sell/trade in my MIM for a MIA? Its hard. And I dont want my parents to know because they will be upset that I am already getting somthing different. If get the American in the same color..they will never know the difference.

What should I do?? Stick with the MIM for a few years untill my playing gets better (been playing for about 4 years now) or go for the American because of quality and longitivity and use that forever?
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MIM strats aren't really below American strats in quality or anything really...it's mainly just that they weren't made in the US.
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They will be able to tell, but you won't get the full amount back if you trade it in. Sell it yourself, and save up a little more for the MIA.
keep the MIM and save up for the MIA, for one thing, do you want to buy a guitar your going to have for a lifetime with money you got from pawning a preasent off? that sir i think is wrong, i think you could have both, the MIM a treasured memory from your paretnts, and an MIA to play for years
I would go for an american i think but hiding stuff from your olds never turns out well. You're best to just explain to them what you're thinking, maybe. It all depends on the parents
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i say both. you always have the option to not use the pedal at all but it will still be there like that obsessed chick you took to homecoming and never called again, sitting there waiting for your call. so yea both
wat is the difference between MIM and MIA strats???
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yea his dad was like, dude i got up the next morning to go take a crap and i looked over and theres a dang guitar in the bathtub.....

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Keep the MIM. I know you crave a MIA, but really in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter which one you have. Expensive guitars can cause as much stress as they do joy.

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you'll feel really guilty if you do that, keep the mim strat and save up and buy a MIA strat, or go for a finace job and pay it off over 6 mnts or 12.
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