im just now stating to play guitar so, i picked up my moms old acoustic from when she was younger, but then found out today that its actually a "classical" guitar with like.. 3 iron strings and 3 nylon ones. so i think im going to buy a normal acoustic and once ive played for a bit and know a thing or two buy an electric one. these are the 3 ive been looking at. any suggestions?

i have a 200$ budget, so i dont want top of the line... but i want somthing that wont end up being garbage after a year or less...



1)as you can probably tell i like the "sunburst" style
2) the 1st and 2nd links guitiars look EXACTLY the same and the name of the item is the same except for the "pack" part on the 2nd one, but then in the description it lists the guitar in the pack different from the other? whats up with those?

thx for the feedback.
Player packs are awesome for beginers.
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this forum is for questions about the site/forum, not guitars.
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