Hey, I usually don't go this far back in the music I listen to, but I listened to some BB King for the second time (first time with U2), and he rocks!

I wanted to know what the best album of his would be for me to get. (Kinda like what Led Zeppelin 4 was for Led Zeppelin, or Truth for Jeff Beck)

Please don't give me your favorites, just his best studio work. (unless one of his live albums is better).

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Im gonna name some songs:
Lucille, Everyday I got the blues, Match Box blues w/ SRV, The Thrill Is Gone
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I really don't know A LOT about BB King, but my first introduction to him was: "The Best of B.B. King, Vol. 1" and I really enjoy it. Maybe you will too.
We have: ''The Blues Collection: BB King The King Of The Blues''. I believe it came from a magazine type thing. I have looked for this and others in the series on Ebay, just type in the blues collection, and i have seen them up for about 50 pence, so it would seem like a fairly good investment for someone who is just getting into BB King.
Get the album "Live at San Quentin." B.B. does an awesome job in it. I also suggest that you get "Live at the Regal."
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