I bought the ZW kit and installed it onto my guitar. I LOVE the 81. All the note are pretty clear and bright but the 85... it's not cutting it. The notes dont come out very clear. I wanted to know if there's a difference in sound between the 85s and the 60's.
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the 60s apparently have better cleans. i wasn't too thrilled about the 85 either, but i suppose it does okay.
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the 60s are better for cleans and are warmer and more bassy.

Check out the emg website for some soundclips
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How would two 81's sound? Would there be a difference in sound from bridge and neck position if they are the same pickup? I dont quite understand how the wiring works.
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ESP EC-500 EMG 81/85
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it'd sound different because of the placement
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it's not that big of a difference, the 81 in the neck doesn't cut it. if u don't like the 85 you probably won't like the 81 there either.
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The 60 will do it. I don't know about the 60A though but I have 81-60 on my mahogany lp copy and they work together very well. They sound like what a good two humbucker guitar would. They seem to be a good set together.
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If you are interested in how the cleans sound, check out the 89. It has a coil tap so you can have it be either single or humbucker. The clean actually sounds pretty good on the single coil setting!
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The 60 was originaly developed for fender in the 80's. For all intensive purposes its a fat sounding single coil pickup in a humbucker casing, Obviously without the noise. They sound really nice in conjunction with the 81 IMO, I wanna swap my 85 for one but not got round to it yet