Verse 1
Do I still feel
Is it all just a show
theres hearts on these sleeves
but insides a black hole
I'm vain yet depressed
schizophrenical mess
One voice says I'm grand
The other much less


And my life
Is in

Verse 2
The voices keep fighting
Their gasping for air
I try and i try
And try not to care
But they just talk on louder
Now I cant seem to sleep
The voices wont stop
Their reign over me

And my life
Is in

And my mind
Is in


It's tethered to my
Narcissistical side
And depression will try
To pop in once a while

But these pills they don't work
They just numb the pain
And I want to go back
To feeling the same

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions pertaining to the song.