Hey, I want to know what you guys think, the solo was kinda improv, some parts are rough. I'm aware of the mistakes I make, so don't go to hard on that, I just want crit on the idea of the song/riffs. Tell me what you think C4C!

http://FretZippy21.dmusic.com The song is entitled "Years"
The guitar is out of tune at the intro and the distorted tone is awful, but I guess that's the type of criticism you were looking for. ;-)

I like the intro in it's simplicity yet non-linearity. The distorted (verse?) riffs sonded pretty cool aswell. Mix in some drums and nice cheesy metal-vox and you'll have a nice song. I don't like the solo too much - too much trying to play really fast. Better focus on a certain tune and repeat it in variations.
Nice playing on the palmmutes btw. ;-)

Good job.

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I liked the riff after the intro best, had a nice sound to it.
The tone needs work like said before, but it's not terrible.
The guitar in the background gets kind of annoying after a while though.

Good song though, enjoyed it. Crit my song? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525036
Thanks a lot guys. The tone does sound better, just the recording mic I use is REALLY Cheap. so I get the best out of what I can with that. Anyway, what is there I should change? I think the distorted riff after the intro was a bit too long personally, the solo I was just messing around so no worries on that, it was all improv, just having fun

Tone aside, what do you think I need to change?
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Tone aside, what do you think I need to change?

Adding drums and vocals. ;-)

Good riff = some listening pleasure to musicians
Good riff + drums + vocals = cool song
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Hey, I liked this a lot. The only part where I truly missed having drums was during the solo, because I could tell from listening to is where exactly the beat lay, but, it's not a huge problem for just a demo. I thought the clean intro was too long, and you should have stuck with the part that comes after that as an intro. Maybe stick an intro solo in there. These riffs have some major Kick-Ass potential.
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I hear too much background noise and fuzz with whatever kind of mic your using.

But what you were playing in the intro was cool.

Those pickslides sounded sweet as hell.

Now the whole thing sounds really sweet.

I like the metalcore riff that comes in like 1:30 in, but I would recommend using more different melody notes in it instead of alternating between just two.

The solo sounds messy to me, and its ruining the mood.

I didn't like the solo.

The part after the solo sounds sweet and then back to the verse which still sounds really cool.

The part that you play for the last 20 seconds doesn't seem to have a point to me.

You should have ended the song with that kickass verse in my opinion.

Good stuff though!

My new song is similar to this.

Crit mine?

Yeah...basically everything has been said. The guitar is a little out of tune in the intro (not a big problem), an intro solo would be really cool (listen to metallica songs like one and sanitarium for some influence on good intro solos), the distortion could be better (also not a big problem), you might want to turn the volume on the solo guitar down a little as it drowns out the rhythm, you might want to add some drums and bass, and the riffs and intro are awesome. The riffs are very catchy. You did a great job writing them. Good pinch harmonics, too. This kind of reminds me of my song "Square Circle." Check it out here. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091 Good job. With a little work, this could be a very cool song.