Looking to purchase a new head. I have spending range of $500-$750. Does not have to be new, I've had good luck with used gear so far. As far as the sound i'm looking for, metal similar to lamb of god, killswitch engage, all that remains. I would prefer a tube amp. will be playing it out of a 4x12 cab, celestion speakers. any suggestions?

check out the randall g3 series. pure metal, bro. also a sonic maximzer pedal for the randalls effects loop (randalls have active effects loops) will do wonders for your tone.
Randall and Peavey both have a pretty good metal sound. Maybe a 5150 or marshall jcm 900 is the way to go
wow how many people post one of these threads a week?

Randall. even if your a Dimebag fan, i would NOT suggest a krankenstein, unless you want a really really chuggin type sound. go look for a video of him playing it. it SUCKS!
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A used 5150+ would be ideal for metal

Its the perfect metal amp IMO

More gain then you could ever use and tight and agressive tones
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Randall tube used, Randall G3 new, Peavey used 5150. I wouldn't go for a JCM for that kind of music

actually the JCM superleads (either 2000 or 900, im not sure) have an awesome tone very reminisant of Slayer's, even though Slayer's guitarists use JCM 800's
i never could find a tone out of JCM's that i liked to much, especally not Killswitch/Lamb of God tone (mabye i should spend some more time playing one). They might work tho, if i saw one cheap i'd probibally grab it.
How about the admins sticky a "best amp for metal" thread!
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